Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policies mentioned are the approaches of BT Planet towards safeguarding their clients’ personal information. We take a great care in maintaining sound relationships with our customers.

Information Collection

  1. BT Planet gathers stores and processes your information for handling your order on the site.
  2. BT Planet collects personal data for providing updates on new products and services.
  3. BT Planet will be collecting data for carrying out financial transactions, business planning and marketing.
  4. BT Planet will notify users the sole purpose of collecting information and it will also show transparency by stating the overview of the purpose. The individual may then decide. Any suggestions on removal of personal data from our database for any reasons will be promptly acted upon.

Information Usage

-BT Planet may just be utilizing the gathered data for direct promoting of its items.

  1.  Any user at any circumstances can easily unsubscribe the direct marketing program of BT Planet.
  2. If an individual opt out from direct marketing program, his/her wish will be thoroughly respected at any means.

 -Sensitive data won't be utilized by BT Planet for direct advertising at any cost.


Information Disclosure 

  1. BT Planet may disclose personal information to related or unrelated third parties if consent has been obtained from the individual. 
  2. BT Planet will not be sharing or selling its customer list for any commercial purpose. If done so, BT Planet must have done it with prior consent of the individual.
  3.  The disclosure of personal data will only be done to related bodies corporate and to the Government of Nepal at any point if required.


Information Quality 

  1. BT Planet will be reassessing the collected data frequently.
  2. BT Planet will be ensuring the accuracy of the collected information through various approaches. (Inquiring individuals).
  3. In case of a system failure, BT Planet may request the users to re-enter information.
  4. BT Planet possesses every right to destroy information which is not handy or fruitful after a particular period of time to safeguard the interest of BT Planet.

Information Security 

  1. BT Planet guarantees that the personal information will only be accessed by an authorized personal for official purpose.
  2. BT Planet has a dedicated and focused team who do not fail to carry out their duties to attain the privacy policies in every way possible.
  3. If any employee from BT Planet is found tampering or using the personal information, BT Planet will not protect any employees against any charges.